Horoscope: What Type of Science Communicator are You?

…And find a list of SciComm organizations you should know about!

Embrace yourself for this super-obviously-accurate SciComm horoscope:

[know more organizations that should be added to the list but are missing? Let me know in the comment or send me a message!]


Aries (ram)

With your bubbling creativity, it’s hard to get you to think of every-day SciComm practices. You want to come up with something exciting, new, crazy! You want people to learn about the body by painting themselves, the universe by pretending to be planets & stars. Why limit urself to writing when you can be a unicorn throwing up SciComm ideas? Check the work of Guerilla Science @GuerillaScience & Atlanta Science Fest @ATLSciFest


Taurus (cow)

Nothing can stop you! In a world where SciComm is not as valued in academia, you know science without SciComm means little. You aspire to advocate for the importance of SciComm in your unique way. You might want to know that even people like #CarlSagan had to go through the hardships of this path, check out Carl Sagan Effect.



Gemini (twins)

Why choose one path when you can literally DO IT ALL? As a social butterfly, you know the community really well from SciComm researchers to practitioners. This makes you a great broker to connect different communities, learn some from everyone & start mixing up disciplines. Organizations like the Rita Allen Foundation bring different agents closer together, check them out!


Cancer (crab)

You have so much kindness in you…sometimes it feels cheesy but you believe that empathy can save the world, and the same goes for empathetic SciComm. You are the one that constantly asks, but why? Why do some disagree with this and that? You would rather understand the people and the problem, rather than focusing on solving it. I’m sure you’d love learning more about the Solutions Journalism @soljourno and the Alan Alda Center @AldaCenter. And this is a good read, especially for you:



Leo (lion)

A natural leader! You have great hopes for the SciComm community, and your leadership comes from a place of humility. It’s not about being superior to others to lead, it’s about being willing to walk with others, listen, and advocate for what you have learned from others. You know a community will only thrive if we’re all seen and heard. For a great initiative that stands up for many of us, check out Reclaim STEM @Reclaiming_STEM.



Probably one of the most hardworking people EVER, you have very high standards. However, your hard work doesn’t mean work work work in the office, it also means work work work to take care of yourself & those around you. You know SciComm is rewarding but also a great responsibility. Having to deal with heavy topics like misinformation & being more in the public can be draining. So you always encourage all to be kind to themselves. You’ll appreciate work of @PhD_Balance.


Libra (scale)

Even in the most emotional moments, you ask yourself, is it right? Is it logical? Could I be wrong? Like everyone else, science communicators also have their own biases and filters with which they see the world. You always try your best to be aware of these feelings and how they affect your judgment and action. You aspire to help us all be more aware of our own biases, and how we can be better communicators. Compass @COMPASSscicomm is a great place to learn more about becoming a better communicator.


Scorpio (scorpion)

Determined, is your middle name. Even when you’re confused, deep inside you know what drives you forward. You always make sure you think of strategies in place to get to outcomes that lead to your final goal. You apply the same mindset to your SciComm. You keep your eyes on the goal before u start projects and make sure to tailor your strategies for those. You bring clarity to people around you even in a simple conversation about “what should we eat?” Check out this video about Strategic SciComm, it’s your cup of tea.



Sagittarius (centaur)

There’s a Persian saying “Learn, from cradle to grave.” You are a lifelong learner and have great respect for research and evidence-based science communication. You love eavesdropping in conversations that talk about the latest SciComm findings and check out that article about the science of SciComm. Wisdom for you is not a tool, it’s a way of life. Check out the Journal of SciComm @JsciCOM (Open Access) and the Public Understanding of Science Journal @SciPublic to stay up to date.’

Want more? Checkout:

PLOS ONE (OA), Science Communication, Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences (OA), Frontiers in Communication (OA), Mass Communication and Society, Journal of Environmental Psychology (Hybrid), Environmental Communictaion, (Hybrid) Climate Change (Hybrid), Communication Quarterly, Journal of Educational Psychology, Health Communication (Hybrid), Journal of Health Communication (Hybrid), Media Psychology (Hybrid), Risk Analysis, Political Communication.


Capricorn (goat-fish thingy)

You have a great eye for knowing what’s missing. While I’m sitting in my office patting myself on the back, you appreciate all accomplishments but also make sure to highlight what’s missing, who’s not in the room, what don’t we know. When things don’t work well, you’re always the right person to go to and ask to scan things with your x-ray vision. In a way, you’re like a kind diagnostic Science communicator. You might like the work of @FeedbackLabs !


Aquarius (water bearer)

You’re like a refreshing wave of change. One that also recognizes the bright new ideas in others and holds them up, gives them a voice. You see the beauty in flowing and make sure everyone is included in the world of SciComm, especially those who benefit from SciComm because those are the thoughts and ideas that are revolutionary and always change the field for the better. Check out Metcalf Institute’s Inclusive SciCommm @InclusiveSci.


Pisces (two fish, whales here)

You are not afraid of talking about the soul of a butterfly, the magic of the mountain, and the glowing of the heart. You recognize that the world of SciComm is more beautiful with a little fantasy, and more humanity. A natural storyteller, even if you don’t tell stories, in your heart, you know the world is built on them, and you know that science is just too…boring…without it. Check out your soulmate, The Story Collider podcast @storycollider.


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